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always a suitable it solution

Content Management System

In need of a website and want to manage it yourself? Then we have the solution for you : the Sudum CMS website managment systeem with technical support!

Content Management Systeem

Marina Software

With the My Marina Software (and mobile hardware) from Sudum the harbor masters are fully equipped to quickly, efficiently and easily manage their marina.

My Marina Software

About Sudum

Translated from Latin Sudum stands for : clear skies, there is not a cloud on the horizon. Solution-oriented and open-minded are the keywords we work with.


Application Development

Sudum can help you develop a webapplication or advise you on setting up cloud software environment.

(Online) Marketing

You have an idea, product or service! But finding customers... Sudum helps you with a marketing strategy to find them.

Web Development

Are you in need of more than just a regual website ? We can help with (web-) development.

Sudum, always the suitable IT solution

Sudum is a young and dynamic IT company that presents itself with keywords like; solution-oriented and open-minded. Through a broad experience in varying disciplines within IT and Marketing Sudum can deliver a complete solution, but also solve a specific problem for you. Look on our solutions page to see what we can do for you!

When you come to us with a question or problem, we work together with you to find solutions.

One of our products? Read more about our Marina Management Software or our Mobile Marina Solutions read an article from Dell ® about Sudum - Marina Management Tablets.

We are happy to help you on your way, please feel free to contact us for a discussion about the possibilities for your company, government agency, foundation or association. On the References page, you will find an overview of cases we have handled for some of our clients. On the Solutions page you will find a list of solutions that are within our portfolio.